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While I’m making changes to the site, I’ve put up some recent images below.  Please come back to see the full website, which will be ready very soon.

If you would like to contact me, the temporary email is: photosynthesiser123@outlook.com

You might also like to take a look at these two websites, which have images that I have created, edited or sourced:

Robert Woodshaw, whose debut novel The Iron Bird was published in February this year


Lindsay Clarke, the award-winning author whose latest work Green Man Dreaming was published last year 


                                                                 Jane Meenehan

                                                                 July 2019

Some recent images I’ve created:

Theresa May as Margaret Thatcher
Theresa May as Elizabeth I
For Halloween
The Iron Bird: “She is sure she can remember seeing some little scrap she fancied”
The Iron Bird: vulture and broken pearls
The Iron Bird: Margaret Thatcher as a lappet-faced vulture
The otter, his colleagues, and the Queen
David Cameron is a smooth-coated otter
A Labour ex-PM is a rhino
A certain Tory politician appears as a polar bear
Donald Trump suggested teachers should be armed: Miss Jean Brodie with an AK-47
Michael Gove had just told us that more pigs’ ears could be an exported to China after Brexit
Green Man Blogging
A green man, based on a roof boss of Norwich cathedral